The Complete Guide to Converting YouTube Videos to MP3 Files

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We listen to ​songs and ​watch videos all ​the time ​now that we ​live in ​the digital age. ​YouTube is ​the biggest video-sharing ​site in ​the world. It ​has a ​huge library of ​videos, from ​music videos to ​helpful lessons. ​Even though streaming ​is easy, ​you might want ​to take ​the audio from ​a YouTube ​movie and save ​it as ​an MP3 file. ​This guide ​will show you ​how to ​convert YouTube videos ​to MP3 ​files step by ​step, so ​you can make ​a playlist ​of your best ​songs or ​listen to them ​when you’re ​not online.

Why ​Convert Videos ​on YouTube to ​MP3?

Before ​we start talking ​about how ​to do it, ​let’s talk ​about why you ​might want ​to convert YouTube ​videos to ​MP3:

Offline Listening: ​MP3 files ​let you listen ​to your ​favorite music and ​audio material ​even when you ​don’t have ​internet access. This ​makes them ​great for road ​trips, flights, ​and other places ​where internet ​access is limited.

​Create Playlists: ​When you convert ​YouTube movies ​to MP3, you ​can put ​together a list ​of your ​favorite songs.

Avoid ​Video Playback: ​If you only ​want to ​listen to the ​sound, MP3s ​keep you from ​being distracted ​by the video.

​Now that ​you know what ​the benefits ​are, let’s talk ​about how ​to change YouTube ​movies to ​MP3:

Online converters ​are the ​first way.

The ​easiest way ​to turn YouTube ​movies into ​MP3 files is ​to use ​an online converter. ​Do these ​things:

  • Find the ​video you ​want to turn ​on YouTube.
  • ​Copy the video’s ​URL from ​the address bar ​of your ​computer.
  • Visit a ​site like ​, OnlineVideoConverter, or ​Y2Mate to ​convert files online.
  • ​Copy the ​URL from YouTube ​and paste ​it into the ​converter’s box.
  • ​Choose the MP3 ​file as ​the one you ​want.
  • To ​start the change, ​click the ​”Convert” button.
  • Download ​the MP3 ​file to your ​device once ​the process is ​done.

Method ​2: Software for ​your desktop

​Use desktop software ​like 4K ​Video Downloader or ​4K YouTube ​to MP3 if ​you want ​a more permanent ​and feature-rich ​option. This is ​how:

  • Get ​the apps you ​want and ​install it.
  • Start ​the program ​and change any ​settings that ​need to be ​changed, like ​the output file ​(MP3) and ​quality.
  • Copy the ​URL of ​the YouTube movie.
  • ​Copy the ​URL and paste ​it into ​the software’s input ​field.
  • To ​start the process, ​click the ​”Download” or “Convert” ​button.
  • When ​the conversion is ​done, you ​can find the ​MP3 file ​in the output ​directory you ​picked.

Method 3: ​Add-ons for ​browsers

You can ​use browser ​add-ons like Video ​DownloadHelper for ​Firefox or YouTube ​to MP3 ​Converter for Chrome ​for a ​more convenient way ​that works ​right in your ​browser. This ​is how:

Install ​the browser ​add-on that you ​want.

  • Find ​the YouTube movie ​you want ​to convert and ​click on ​it.
  • Click on ​the icon ​for the app ​in the ​toolbar of your ​browser.
  • Choose ​MP3 as the ​file and ​start the conversion.
  • ​You can ​save the MP3 ​file on ​your computer.

​Use mobile ​apps

If you’d ​rather convert ​YouTube movies to ​MP3 on ​your phone or ​tablet, you ​can do so ​with a ​number of apps ​for both ​Android and iOS. ​Here is ​an overview of ​how to ​use them:

You ​can get ​a good YouTube ​to MP3 ​converter app from ​your app ​shop and install ​it.

  • Open ​the app and ​give it ​the rights it ​needs.
  • Copy ​the YouTube video’s ​URL and ​paste it into ​the app’s ​field.
  • Choose the ​MP3 file ​and the quality.
  • ​Start converting ​and wait until ​it’s done.
  • ​Save the MP3 ​file to ​the storage on ​your phone.

Final Thoughts

​When you ​convert YouTube movies ​to MP3 ​files, you can ​do a ​lot more with ​them than ​you could before. ​Whether you ​like online converters, ​PC software, ​browser extensions, or ​mobile apps, ​there is a ​way for ​you. Remember to ​follow copyright ​laws and only ​convert information ​that you have ​permission to ​use. With this ​new skill, ​you can enjoy ​building up ​your song library ​and making ​your own playlists.

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