What is Fantasy Cricket?

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a computer game that allows the participant to draft a team from the list of cricketers available in that particular competition. In the course of an ongoing competition, the performance of each player will be measured on a scoring basis and will generate points for the fantasy cricket team owner. Fantasy cricket allows for maximum flexibility in team building and selection during competitions and this flexibility allows players who know little about the game to compete equally against those who do. 

Why choose fantasy cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is not just a game of fun and entertainment, it is also a lucrative business if wisely handled. It may be difficult to believe but players who have followed fantasy cricket regularly claim to have made good money from this enjoyable activity. A fantasy cricket league that has several participants is a decent source for distributed income as the prize/reward is shared equally among all players who participate in the league. However, participating in large leagues with big cash prizes can be a time consuming affair especially if you are running out of time to take care of your routine commitments.

How many people play Fantasy Cricket?

It is estimated that there are at least 50,000+ people playing fantasy cricket regularly. Despite the fact that Fantasy Cricket is a game played on the internet or your mobile phone or computer, it is not restricted to adults. In fact there are many leagues where children participate side by side with adults. You can be of any age, male or female to play Fantasy Cricket. Fantasy Cricket started off as an Indian concept but it has spread its wings beyond our borders to many other countries. 

Highlights of Fantasy Cricket:

– There is no limit to Fantasy Cricket App. You can choose your league according to the number of players in the league and its duration from which you will derive maximum income.

– The amount you earn from fantasy cricket depends on the skill of your team selection and scoring system. The more points you get for a successful performance, the better will be your profit margin.

– Every year new competitions are added so you will always be getting a new challenge and opportunity to earn money in this field by playing fantasy cricket.

– There are many leagues that offer cash prizes/rewards as prizes for participating in their leagues. You can participate in any of these leagues to earn money. The rate at which you earn money depends on the league involved and its prize/reward.

– Contests run by organisations hold a fantastic opportunity for learning as well as playing. Players are given the latest information about cricket and are also given chances to test their skills against world class cricketers. 

What is required to participate in Fantasy Cricket?

All you need to play fantasy cricket is a laptop computer, a mobile phone, internet connection and internet browser that allow you to login into the website of your league. Before joining any fantasy cricket league it is essential that you do a little bit of research before deciding to join such a league. You need to know if the league involves a cash prize or not.

You will also have to take note of how many people are already playing in that particular league and what is the prize value for each slot. There are many websites that allow you to play fantasy cricket without joining any league and still earn huge rewards from this fun game. With more options available, you are at liberty to choose your fantasy cricket game according to your needs and desires regardless of whether you participate in a league or not.

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